Hands of Love

This was one of my favorite projects ever.  I was invited to photograph the residents of a Senior Living and Memory Care facility.  We asked the residents to bring along items that were a part of their life representing hobbies, careers, or family.  I think we sometimes forget that our older population was once young and not so forgetful.  I had an amazing time meeting the residents and their families and hearing their stories.  I wanted to share a few of them with you…

Barbara D

Barbara (my Mom) and my daughter Ella.  My Mom was an attorney when not many women entered this field.  She put herself through law school at Kent College of Law in Chicago and was the only woman in her graduating class.  The men were not kind to her but she persevered…even cleaning houses just to pay for school.   She became the deputy prosecutor for our county.  I hope her story inspires my own daughter some day.

Bob HOlm 2

Bob was a baseball pitcher and, many years ago, he pitched a no hitter.  After the game, the other players all signed a ball for him.  It has been one of his most prized possessions.  His grandson, whose hand is also pictured here, is a pitcher as well.  This photograph documents him gifting the ball to his grandson.  A beautiful moment.

Bob M

Bob M is a war veteran.  These are his dog tags.  He shared stories about his wartime experiences with us during our session.

Christine K

Christine was a model in her younger years.  When I met her she mentioned that she still liked to model and told me to call her if I ever wanted a “mature lady” to model for me.  Here she is holding a photograph from one of her modeling jobs.

Eleanor 2

Eleanor wanted to hold a photo of herself and her husband, now deceased.

Frank Cummings 2

Frank and his grandchild holding hands.

Fred Hoyum & Carole

Fred and Carole have been married for many years.  Here they are with their wedding photo.  They were so funny…when I asked if I could take this photo her response was “Why would anyone want to see that old thing?”.  Such a sweet couple.

Herb J

Herb was stationed on this vessel during the war.  He might not remember what happened yesterday but he could still tell you the names of all of his shipmates.

Herman Kampf

Herman loves basketball and was a player in his youth.

Jim z 5

Jim Z. was a pilot and now his son, whose hands are also pictured here, is a pilot as well.  And…for the same airline!

Lou 1

Lou was an avid golfer.

Merle 1

Merle was one of my favorite ladies.  When I captured this photo she was 110 years old and going strong.  I could hardly keep up with her speed walking down the hallway.  She is a published author.  To read more of her story click HERE.

Mike Jeswith

Mike was reading the paper when we stopped by to say Hi.  He hadn’t even intended to be in our project.  I asked him about his life and he started telling me how he was an architect and built all of these amazing buildings.  He told me to go to his room to see some of the photos and we chose this one of him to hold.  Such an interesting guy.

Rosalie & Russ 2

Rosalie & Russ…still together and still in love.


Russ with his police hat. He had great stories about his time on the force.

Rute 3

Rute was a pianist in her younger years.  When I asked her to play she said that she couldn’t any more but when I asked her to just place her hands on the keys for the photo her memory took over and she began to play.

Shirley Trudeau

Shirley was blessed with a large family who all came to take part in this moment.

If you would like to create a Hands of Love photograph either in your own family or a facility like this one, please contact me for more information.

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