While I am always open to any location of your choice…..here is a little snapshot from some of my favorite locations to assist you in planning your upcoming session!

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St James Farm in Warrenville is probably my most requested spot.  Great for any type of session, this location offers everything from vintage brick and painted barns (mustard yellow) to tree lined lanes, white fences, and a pond.  It’s definitely a one stop shop for everything beautiful in backdrops.  In the spring it is very green and as summer progresses there are beautiful flower beds as well as wild flowers. As we move into fall there is another period of mostly green until fall color happens and then it’s a beautiful symphony of reds, oranges and yellows.  I hold a photography permit to shoot at this location at no extra cost.

Lilacia Park in Lombard is a bit of a hidden gem right in town.  It has beautiful green space as well as a large fountain, amazing plantings (especially in the spring when the tulips and lilacs are blooming), paver walkways, benches and a cute stone staircase just for posing. In the summer the flowers are a riot of color everywhere.  If you like nature…you will love this spot.  There is no additional cost to shoot at this location.

Danada Equestrian Center in Wheaton is the best spot for beautiful rustic photos, especially in the fall when the colors are fabulous.  This location is an amazing horse property with white fences, white barns, tree lined lanes and grassy areas that are perfect for photos.  Sometimes we can even capture photos with the horses!  This is my favorite fall location. I hold a photography permit to shoot at this location at no extra cost.

Looking for a more urban feel…Downtown Wheaton is the place for you!  This location offers vintage brick, great architecture, the famous blue door, and loads of charming alleys and quiet streets.  As a bonus, Adams Park is adjacent to the downtown location so it’s easy to add some green space photos within walking distance.  Truly one of my favorites!  There is no extra cost to shoot at this location.

Adams Park, located right in the heart of downtown Wheaton, is a wonderful green space with a cute trellis, stairs and benches for sitting, a rock garden and brick paver paths.  Choose this as a stand alone location or as an add on to your downtown Wheaton session.  In the summer there are beautiful flowers as well.  There is no extra cost to shoot at this location.

Cantigny Park in Wheaton is a true fan favorite!  Amazing landscaping, the McCormick mansion, the big chairs, and great pathways and water features make this a beautiful destination for your family, engagement, senior, maternity and wedding photos.  This location has a fee to enter the park as well as a photography fee of $40 per day to shoot here.  I will obtain the permit as I enter the park and add the cost into your total.

Hurley Gardens is a little known park here in Wheaton.  It has an interesting history, some amazing landscaping, and white buildings that are perfect for photo sessions.  It is a small location but includes a paver paths, a green field and beautiful flowers in season along with the big white structures and manicured bush lined areas.  I love this spot for prom, first communion, and maternity photos especially!  There is no additional cost to shoot at this location.

A hidden forest right in the heart of Wheaton, the Theosophical Society grounds are quiet and beautiful.  I love this location in the winter as the pine tree lined paths stay green year round which offers a rustic charm for your photo session.  I shoot many winter maternity sessions in the snow here. You would never know that these photos were taken at the intersection of two busy streets.  Large fields, a forest, the giant pines and the pond are the favorites here. There is no extra cost to shoot at this location.

(This location is temporarily unavailable due to Covid.)

Need to shoot photos but the weather isn’t cooperating?  Wilder Conservatory on the campus of Elmhurst College is the spot for you.  Great in the winter as this tiny glass structure boasts beautiful flowers and plantings year round.  Flower colors change with the season.  This is especially nice for maternity and milestone sessions that just won’t wait for nicer weather.  There is no additional cost to shoot at this location.

Have a special location in mind for your upcoming session and don’t see it here?  Please contact me to discuss your ideas!  I am open to any great spot that is meaningful to your family.

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