beccihethcoatphotography-jessica maternity photographer-wheaton-21“Thank you so much! These are so gorgeous! Thank YOU for braving the cold with us — you’ve really brought our vision to life. We appreciate how detailed, thorough and amazing you were — and we can’t wait for our newborn session!!!
I’ll let you know when she’s made her arrival!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--10-13
“Oh Becci! They are fantastic!! Thank you so much!!” 
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--10-31
“You did a fabulous job as always!!”
“Hi Becci- I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for the photos! We loved them! Already trying to figure out which ones I want to frame (it’s too hard to choose)! Also, I wanted to say I appreciate how smooth the whole process was! With two young kids, you just never know!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--10-14
“Thank you so much!! These are amazing as usual!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--18
“Wow!  I saw so many new favorites in this collection!  There’s sweet and silly and everything in between.  Thank you so much Becci!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--13
Wow, that was fast! I wasn’t expecting them so soon!! Lol. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures!!! They turned out so good!  Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful photos of my family.  Always happy with your work and will definitely continue to use you as our family photographer.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--10-17
“Thank you so much! They are lovely!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--5
Thank you so much!!!! These are absolutely perfect. I have already started ordering for our house. I can’t wait to decorate with these gorgeous photos. Please let me know the best ways to write reviews about our great experience.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--24
“Ahhhhh! I totally missed this email!!! I literally just saw the sneak peek last night 🤦🏼‍♀️ Becci!!! You’re amazing and I love them! I can’t wait to order our new canvas to put on our mantle….to replace our last family photos from you over two years ago! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! How many exclamation marks are too many?”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--3
“I don’t know how I missed this email but I am so happy to see it today!!!!  Thank you Becci, these are beautiful, as always.  It was a pleasure to work with you again and I so appreciate you fitting us into your packed schedule.  Wishing you all the best and we look forward to working with you again.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--8
Thank you for the photos.  He so did not want to do this and they turned out really well.  I will definitely recommend you when asked and where I see requests.  You made the whole process simple and easy.  Which is exactly what I was looking for.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--2
“Thanks Becci!! These are great!!! ❤️❤️❤️”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--7
“Thanks so much Becci! I love them. We are so excited to share them with our family!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--4
“I’m late in replying, but I just wanted to thank you for such a great experiences and great photos of Maddie!  We have downloaded all the pictures and are all set.  We will definitely have you do the boys shoots in a few years when they are seniors. Thank you again!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--6
“Thank you so much! I love these!”
“OH MY!! i love them!!!! thank you!!!”
“Thank you so much Becci!! I’m in love with them!!! As always you did a fantastic job!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--10-23
“I LOVE these photos!! Thank you so much!  Luke and Lily look absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to put canvases up! I have shown so many people!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Maternity Photographer-Wheaton--10-11
“Thank you Becci. The one with Dan’s head on my body earned lots of laughter 😉.”
“Thank you so much, Becci! These are amazing. Thank you for your patience working with our baby boy and capturing him perfectly. I will definitely leave a review on Facebook and we will be reaching out to you after the holidays about you coming to take updated pictures of Colin’s gym.”
“Thanks Becci!  I LOVE them! “
“They look great! Thank you so much Becci!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-family Photographer-Wheaton--2
“Omg I’m obsessed – I think these might be our best ones yet!!! Never would’ve thought with how goofy they were being that we would get all these great shots!!  Thank you so much!!
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--8
“Thank you so much!! I’m so glad she wasn’t crying in all the pictures. We will definitely schedule more mini sessions in the future. “
“Thank you so much! I love the pictures. They turned out great! I will reach out to you when Leo turns 1!”
“Thank you, Becci! The photos (as always) came out beautifully! Thank you so, so much!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--10-11
“Thank you so much, Becci!  I love these! 😍”
“Thank you so much, Becci! We love the picture and appreciate you! “
“These are absolutely amazing!! Thank you again so much!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--10
“Love them, thank you!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--2
“Beautiful Becci! Love them ❤️❤️
 thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!”
“So cute! Thank you!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--11
“Oh my gosh! They are gorgeous!!  Thank you so much! That one close up of S makes me want to cry!!! She looks so big!!”
“Thank you SO much! These are breathtaking. Thank you for the extras as well, that was very sweet of you. We cannot wait to come back and see you in the future for some family photos and we will for sure want to do a first birthday shoot. My family is also amazed with how these turned out. I can’t thank you enough!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--231“Thanks so much!!!  So excited for our cards this year 💖”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--4“Becci worked with me every step of the way from backgrounds to colors to props. Everything was so easy. She was very patient during the photoshoot and helped put my daughter at ease, where she even smiled. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Wedding Photographer-Wheaton--4


“We are thrilled with the pictures! Thank you for capturing our special day 🤍 
We went on your Facebook page after you took our photos and read about your sister in law. We are so sorry for your loss and understand how difficult the loss of a family member is. I want you to know that your post really touched me. Taking pictures is something I am going to do more often. You provided our wedding day pictures with our family and we were so lucky to have so many of our family member’s together in the same place, young and old. We cannot thank you enough for being there to capture our memories while you were going through a tough time.” 
….E & A….
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--29“Becci, I am almost in tears with how absolutely precious these are! Thank you SO very much for the time and care you put into such an amazing experience in your studio and in the final images you’ve delivered. They are MAGICAL!”
“Omg I love these!!!!!! 😿🥰 wow you are so talented! Thank you so much! “
“I love how the pictures turned out. Thank you so much!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--46“I love how the pictures turned out. Thank you so much!!!”
3L2A0713“Thank you SO much, Becci!!  I couldn’t love them more!! They are a perfect capture of my sweet boy.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--18“We LOVE YOU so much!!! Thank you!!!! I love them all!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--21 2“Thank you again for the wonderful shoot!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Personal Branding Photographer-Wheaton--2“Thank you so much I love them!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--18“We got Gio’s one year photos. We love them!  So cute!!


Thanks for everything this past year capturing our maternity session and Gio’s first year. You did a great job!! We are so happy to be able to remember all these milestones and put all the photos up in our home! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--8“We love the pictures so much!!!! Thank you :)”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--27“Thank you Becci! They turned out amazing. It was also nice working with you. “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--21“These are so sweet!! Thank you so much!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-
“So many good ones! Thanks so much!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--23“They are BEAUTIFUL, thank you!!!”
3L2A9562“OMG Becci – That is SUPER Cool !!!!  EXACTLY what I wanted!  YOU  are the ABSOLUTE!! best.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--4“These are AMAZING!! I literally can’t even pick a favorite one because I love them all!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--12“Omg these are ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much for capturing such cute moments!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--8“Love love love, thank you! You are the best!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--8“Love them! Thank you so much!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--3“Becci was a pleasure to work with and made our newborn photo session stress-free and fun. Her eye for composition is only matched by her passion for her work. She was phenomenal with our baby, and very easy to talk with. Communication ahead of the shoot was excellent, as she is very collaborative and responds quickly. She is both patient and quick to capture spontaneous moments – the picture she took of our 3-week-old daughter’s big smile is absolutely heart-melting. The pictures with my wife and myself were beautiful too. Her studio is fantastic, she sets up multiple shots and props ahead of time so that everything can be done efficiently without feeling rushed, and we didn’t even scrape the surface of all the options she has. It’s incredibly rare to find someone so talented. We absolutely plan to use her again for our next photo shoot, and we’ve been recommending her to all our friends and family!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--2“Becci is the consummate professional! Her talent and creativity are bar none. Her communication is amazing and her turnaround time is mind-blowing. For every mom that panics each year over getting holiday photos, fret no more! Simply call Becci and schedule your session ASAP! She makes the entire process seem effortless! I’m so glad a friend shared her family photos and even happier that Becci was so gracious in accommodating our last minute request for an appointment. I will definitely be calling her again for their photos in the future.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Maternity Photographer-Wheaton--18“Thank you so much Becci! These turned out fabulous! We will let you know when the little guy arrives so we can plan our newborn shoot.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--6


“I wanted to tell you that the pictures that you took are beautiful!  Thank you for capturing such awesome photos of all of us!  Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing you a very magical Holiday season!  You are so talented–thankful for you!  :)”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--7“Joe and I are in love with these photos. Your work is incredible and I will certainly be leaving you rave review and referring all the mommas your way. THANK YOU A MILLION!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--19“LOOOOOVEEE Them so much!!!!! We will definitely be booking with you again sometime in the summer for an outside shoot! Thank you again!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--27“These look wonderful! Thank you so much for capturing some great moments, even when Ella was difficult :)”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--21“Thank you so much!! We love them all!!! They turned out sooo cute!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--4 2“These look fabulous thank you Becci!! 😊  Thank you again for the pictures, cannot wait to put together our Christmas cards!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--21“Thank you so much, Becci! They are beautiful! I’m so happy we waited for the rain to stop!” 
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--9


“These are absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Thank you so so much, you are very talented!  I have already recommended you to another friend 🙂 Take care and stay safe! Thank you so much again! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton-“Yes I got it!! Absolutely love them! Thank you for all your patience with my crazy crew! You always give us the best photos and memories!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--8 2“Thanks Becci! They turned out great! Even though Sofia was mean mugging in most, haha”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--4“Thank you for all the photos (4 month and sleigh)! They are great! We hope you and your family have a great holiday season and we will see you in the New Year!”


“We love the pictures, thank you so much!
Please put us on your spring or Easter list for pictures!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!🎄🎁” 
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--12
“Thank you SO much!!! We will treasure them forever!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--28
“Thank you! These look great!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--14
“Thank you Becci!  We just took a quick look and they are wonderful!  I can’t wait to look again after these noisy kids (but adorable in your photos) go to bed.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--6
“Thank you, these are beautiful and just what we were hoping for!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-2“Becci was so fantastic! It was nice to be able to go to her home studio with covid going on. She was very conscious and careful with everything. She was so great with my daughter and got such amazing shots of our family! I also appreciated her questionnaire ahead of time so that she could get the looks we were going for. Such a great experience. Also, she still kept our appointment even though she had a tragic thing happen because she didn’t want to cancel. Such a great professional and very easy to talk to. Oh! And her studio has every color and style of bows, blankets, props, set up’s you can think of! So dreamy. 10/10 would recommend!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-2
“Becci recently took our family’s fall photos and we LOVE them!! We have gotten so many compliments . She was very patient with our kids. She had a plan for pictures but also was able to get candid shots. We would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.”
“Thank you so much!! I love them all!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Headshots Photographer-Wheaton--7
“Becci  once again you did a fantastic job  I can’t thank you enough.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--19
Becci, thank you so much again. This whole process has brought me so much joy. Looking at these photos last night especially. Wow!  I am amazed how many gorgeous photos you captured, I just need more wall space in my house now because I want to hang them all up. You’re the best!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--22
Thanks so much. These came out great and I can’t wait to print them.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--22
“Thanks so much! They are perfect! You did amazing. We are so glad that we got to meet you and have you capture our little one!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--11
“Thank you! Love em!!”
Frankie Peter Pan 3
“We absolutely love them!! Thank you so much!!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--2
“Thank you! We will work on getting these downloaded today. I am excited to make her announcement with them.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--3
“Thank you so much!! They’re just what we were hoping for. You made our weekend.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--3
“Thank you so much Becci!!! Great work as always, so many great ones with the boys!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--11
“Thank you so much! We love all the photos!! It’s going to be so hard to pick what ones I want on my walls! Thanks for helping us capture this special time! See you in the fall!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--23
“OMG i love them!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--2
“The photos turned out amazing.. Thank you so much! You are the best!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--2
“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am so excited and will be ordering ALL THE PICTURES!!! As always, you are the absolute best! Thank you!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--14
“Got em! 🙂 Thank you, Becci!  They are wonderful! Thank you for resending these beautiful photos of our family!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--11
“I got them!!! They are amazing! I cried looking at them. Thank you for capturing this special moment in our life.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Headshots Photographer-Wheaton--10
“Omg I like these SO much!! Thank you so much!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--17
“Thank you! I got the email. The photos are perfect! I love them so much. We appreciate all the hard work!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--35
“Got them. They’re so beautiful!! Thank you ❤️”
Noteable Notes collage
“These are so great!! Thank you so much- I’m already getting better feedback from using your pictures for my ads!


I hope you’re doing well and have a wonderful rest of the summer!
Thanks again!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Headshots Photographer-Wheaton--5“Thank you so so much, these are perfect!! I really appreciate it.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--19
“These are so sweet! Thank you so much for everything!!! The background you made was just perfect!!!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--2
 “Thank you again for the pictures.  We had a wonderful weekend with our kids and grandkids and you taking the time out of your busy schedule to be available for us was such a gift, the cherry on the top of the weekend.  I was pleased with the grandkid pictures too AND you even got Eliana to look at the camera, lol. I hope you find someone to bless you the same way you have blessed us. (You will need family pictures too!)  You were so comfortable, you made us comfortable and relaxed.  It was fun!  I’m not one to go out of my way to get my picture taken.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Candid Photographer-Wheaton-
Thank you THANK YOU so much for this wonderful experience for Alice (and me).  These pictures are beautiful and thank you for your kind, encouraging words for Alice.  I feel like we should do this again?!?!  Thank you again for you sharing your amazing gift with us!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-46“I just want to say we LOVE LOVE LOVE how the pictures turned out!! We shared the pictures with family and friends and they couldn’t get enough of them either!  It’s going to be hard to pick which ones to print and hang in our new house; I might just have to print all of them lol.  Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful moments of my family.  The kids had such a great time and we look forward to using you again in the future!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-50“Thank you Becci! The pictures are beautiful and what amazing color! We couldn’t have picked a better day or a more talented photographer.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--4“Becci!!!! The pics are stunning!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!”
Sam Star Wars
“Thank you so much!! I’m sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. This week has been crazy. You did a fabulous job and I appreciate you working with our comfort level.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-12“Thank you so much! These came out great, despite my oldest not wanting to cooperate, lol!
I really appreciate all of your hard work and your time and effort!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-17“Thank you so much Becci for our beautiful photos!


You are so talented and we couldn’t be more thankful for these fall memories you helped us capture! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We are thankful for you ❤️”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-11“Thank you again for the photos.  They turned out great! I love them.”
3L2A7197-4-Edit“Thank you SO much for the amazing photos! They are absolutely beautiful! We are so in love with all of them! You did such a great job with the twins and our daughter! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-11“Thank you so much for our photos! We love them!! 🙂 “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton-2“Love them! Thanks so much! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-14 3“Thank you SO much Becci!! I love these!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-13“Thanks Becci! Beautiful as always! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-8
“Thank you so much for the photos! We love them!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-3
“Thank you SO much! They’re all absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE them.


Thanks for capturing such special moments of our little family. “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-6
“Bec! I absolutely love these! They turned out fantastic:) Thank you so much! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-39“Thank you so much again! This worked and they are WONDERFUL!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-13“These are beautiful….thanks so much! Grace is beyond thrilled, and we love the variety of colors, poses, and styles. You rock!! We both loved meeting you, and love your work. Much appreciated!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-59“Thank you so much for the pictures. They are so beautiful. We are very happy with them. Thank you for all your hard work. You will definitely be hearing from us in the future. You’re work is amazing. I will definitely be recommending you the other people too. “
3L2A6335-4“These are so great. Thank you so much.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-40 2“Becci, we love all of the photos you took of W!  It’s so hard to decide which ones to print and frame!  Thanks so much!!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton“Love the pics so much…”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-2 2“These are amazing!!! Thank you”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-14 2“We received our photos the other day and I just wanted to say thank you! We love them and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Maternity Photographer-Wheaton--28“Thanks, Becci!!  You did a beautiful job, and I’m so appreciative of how you came last minute to do the pictures! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography- Senior Photographer-Wheaton--51“Thank you for the great photos!  Just downloaded them.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton-19“Thank you so much, Becci!  They turned out great!! ❤️”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-newborn Photographer-Wheaton-5“As always, you do not disappoint! I’m in love with these photos!! Thank you so much for capturing my family so beautifully! “
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-39 2“WOW!  Another fantastic collection!  You managed to capture both the silly and the serious beautifully.  Thank you so much!!!!  I’m so glad we found you!  Looking at your all of your sneak peek posts is always a bright spot for me because you capture so much happiness.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-7“In love with the pictures.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton“Thanks for such gorgeous photos. Each one is more beautiful than the last!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Confirmation Photographer-Wheaton-11“They are absolutely beautiful! I can’t thank you enough!! I’ll be sure to give you rave reviews.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Session Photographer-Wheaton--17“Eeeeek!!!!! I love them SO MUCH!!! I mean, she’s a cute kid but you capture her perfectly! I love love love love them!!! Now, about that wall space.”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--42“Loooooooooove them! Thank you!!!!”

Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Session Photographer-Wheaton--31

“Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing!”

Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Session Photographer-Wheaton--29

“Thank you, Becci!
 They’re absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope you’re doing okay and wish you and your family all the best as we endure this crazy time.
Thank you!”
Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-14


“I got the email and they look fantastic! Thank you so much.”

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-18

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Boudoir Photographer-Wheaton-2

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Maternity Photographer-Wheaton-11

“When I first started to look for a maternity photographer I immediately gravitated towards Becci. She was a prompt communicator and put me at ease with all the information she provided. I was in awe with the quality of pictures she captured for my maternity photoshoot, I instantly knew I’d be doing my newborns pictures with her as well. And I was not disappointed with that decision she is amazing with babies even those who like to be awake and alert through it all. She went beyond our expectations and even did more personalized pictures for us to capture some great family pictures.

I also had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and had some boudoir maternity photos taken. And even though I was nervous at first her eye for beauty and tastefulness made that one of the most fun experiences. Being able to feel comfortable in your own skin while pregnant is not always an easy task but through it all I never once questioned her direction and once again was blown away by the results.

Without a doubt I would recommend Becci to be behind the lens of any professional pictures you may need. I know we will definitely keep using her and recommending her to our family and friends.”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Session Photographer-Wheaton--27“Thank you so much Becci!! I love them!! I will definitely be contacting you in the future for more photo sessions!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--7“Thank you so much!! We love them!! Such great work!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Front Porch Photographer-Wheaton--35“Thank you so much, Becci!  These turned out great!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--54“Thanks, Becci! I love the photos!!”


3L2A0792-2“Becci these are incredible! Thank you so much! We will certainly be spreading your name around to friends and you will see us again. Thanks again!!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--24“I love these so much!  Thank you for capturing such beautiful photos, they mean so much to us!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--2“Thanks so much Becci.  These are great!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--25“Yes!! Thank you so much Love them all! “


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-34“They look great. Can barley even tell it was hurricane gust winds  lol. Hope you had and continue to have a great holiday!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-28“Omg love!!!!  Thank you!!!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-40“Thanks Becci!!  The pictures are perfect!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-2“Thank you! Love them 💙”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--32Becci, the photos are amazing!! Thank you so much for capturing this season for our family!  We couldn’t be happier with them!


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-“I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! You really have no idea—thank you so much!!!! Alex even likes the pic of himself with his glasses off—that is huge!!!! Thank you so much for these beautiful pics—I love them so very much! I can’t wait for you to take their pics again:) “


Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--3“These are beautiful!! Thank you so much!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--2“I am in love with all the pictures! Thank you so much! You are the best at capturing the natural moments, and I will cherish these pictures forever!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography- milestone Photographer-Wheaton--22“Becci, I am obsessed!! Thank you so much!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography- Senior Photographer-Wheaton--19“Thanks so much Becci! They are beautiful, you do amazing work!!!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography- Family Photographer-Wheaton--3“I absolutely love the photos and we couldn’t be happier!!! Thanks for all of your work.”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Session Photographer-Wheaton--22“Thank you so much for capturing these moments! We love them! We hope to work with you again in the future -whether it’s a mini session or maternity & newborn.

Thank you again for everything!”

Becci Hethcoat Photography-Maternity Photographer-Wheaton--2“I just wanted to say thank you for taking my maternity photos. I loved how they turned out. You truly do an amazing job! Can’t wait for you to do more of our family photos.”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--26“I’m so excited, these photos are absolutely beautiful!! I love them so much and can’t wait to show them to everyone! You did an amazing job, thank you so much!!!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton--18“HOLY COW!  These are fabulous.  Thank you so very much!  If no one has mentioned to you, YOU are an incredibly talented lady!  I am certain I will reach out in the future!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake Smash Photographer-Wheaton--20“These photos are absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you again so much for being so amazing with Emilia during the shoot and I cant wait to schedule another photo shoot with you!!  Thank You SOOO much!”


_L2A7743-5-2“These are adorable!! Thank you so much for all your help!!! You were incredible to work with 😊”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton--7“Thank you so so much for capturing these sweet images of baby Scarlett. I don’t think anyone else could have done any better! You’re the best! They turned out amazing. Can’t wait for our next milestone session!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Holiday Photographer-Wheaton--2“Thank you thank you!!  I love them!!!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton--17“Thank you again for yesterday!  You were wonderful to work with and I felt great about the sets you had set up for Reagan.  We can’t wait to see the sneak peeks!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--19“Thank you so much Becci!! We love them!!”


_L2A6739-5“Thank you!  They are lovely – my mom was delighted to see him in the baptism gown! I’m so thankful to have these pictures and for the very smooth, non-stressful session. I look forward to working with you again!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Holiday Photographer-Wheaton--12“Thanks for your help, patience, and wonderful photos. You are great to work with!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--22“Great pictures!!!  All the shots are perfect!  Happy New Year!  Thanks again!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Cake smash Photographer-Wheaton--12“They’re beautiful!! Thank you so much 😊”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-35.jpg“What a great collection! I just peeked quickly on my phone, and they are wonderful! I can’t wait to see them all on a bigger screen and with more time. Thank you!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Extended Family Photographer-Wheaton--32“Thank you Becci! I think we recouped a pretty cold day with some great shots!  Tough day for even the adults and hope you’ve thawed out well!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton--4“YAY!!! Thank you so much!!! They are beautiful! “


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-“These are beautiful!  Thank you so much!  We will definitely be in touch the next time we’re ready for photos and will share your info with friends.  I’m so excited to print them out and add them to our house!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--18“Thank You Becci! Very nice photos. Lots of cute ones of the kids, and I like the family one where we are standing. You always do such a wonderful job and are a pleasure to work with. “


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--12“We love the photos!!! Thank you!!”


_L2A3825-2-Edit“Thank you so much for our gorgeous photos, I absolutely loved how you captured both the sweet and sassy sides of our children.  Again, it was so great working with you!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Fall Mini Photographer-Wheaton-“Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We are very happy with them! I appreciate you including a few extras. It was a pleasure working with you!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--39“Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We are very happy with them! I appreciate you including a few extras. It was a pleasure working with you!”


Becci Hethcoat Photography-Family Photographer-Wheaton--44“We love them!!! Thank you so much!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-39“Oh my goodness. Words….GONE. I can’t thank you enough. These are so beautiful.  Everything we wanted.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!”

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-38

“Loved working with Becci! She did an amazing job with our newborn shoot in our home! We loved all the pictures she took, I would highly recommend!!!”

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Milestone Photographer-Wheaton-39.jpg
“LOVE them all!!! Thank you so much!!!💗”
“Thank you again for being so patient with Mira. We loved how the photos turned out!”
“Can’t recommend Becci enough! Booked a newborn shoot and she worked her baby whispering magic to capture the most precious pictures of our son! Her patience, nurturing spirit and professionalism made her so wonderful and easy to work with. Her passion for what she does shows through the quality and moments captures in her work. Can’t thank you enough Becci!”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-10“We love these!!! Thank you so much, we will definitely be in touch!”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-66
Becci is amazing! She captures memorable moments and frame worthy gems. I print ALL of her photos (too many good ones to choose from!). Highly recommend!
“Thank you so much! These photos are just what we wanted :)”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-10.jpg“OMG! These are amazing! Seriously you captured his style perfectly! And you did get him to smile:)!”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Branding Photographer-Wheaton-13“I am in LOVE with my photos. I cant thank you enough for taking the time to listen to my vision. These are better than I could imagine.
“Thank you so much Becci. The pictures are beautiful I love them, I am beyond happy with them.”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton-4“Thank you soooo much! They are so super cute-we love them!”
“I love them!!! Thank you so much and thank you for getting the Winnie the Pooh props! All the pictures look great. I will schedule his 1 year old pictures when the time comes.”
BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-2“The pictures came out so amazing. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! We wish you all the best and look forwards to working with you again in the future.”

BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-23“These are amazing! Thanks so much Becci! It’s always great working with you!”


“Wonderful! Thank you so much Becci, we’re over the moon with these photos and would like to thank you for a wonderful experience with you.
I’ve already recommended you to my friend who is due with her son in April!”

beccihethcoatphotography-senior photographer-wheaton-36“Oh my goodness, these pictures are friggin amazing!  I am absolutely blown away.  I can’t thank you enough for capturing my pride and joys!  I don’t know how I ‘m going to narrow them down and decide which photos to use for prints, Christmas cards, and graduation.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to have to make a book for myself with all of the prints.  You totally captured their personalities while using the best backgrounds imaginable.  You really know your stuff.  I’m so glad that I cancelled that other photographer that I was going to use.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I’ve already given your name to another twin Mom and will definitely recommend you to anyone else who is looking for a photographer.  You’re the best!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-27Love, love, love them, thank you!


6I3A3896“Oh my goodness, we love the photos so much! They are amazing!!!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-3“Love the photos!!! You captured Erin beautifully!!!”



BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-29“Our newborn photo shoot with Becci was so awesome!  She is truly a baby whisperer!  She was incredibly patient with our nine day old daughter and was amazing at getting her to calm down and stay in all the different poses.  She has so many different backgrounds, props, swaddles, and outfits.  It was so much fun to see her creativity make our daughter and our family look so great in all the photos.  She is truly excellent at her craft and we will definitely be using her again in the future.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-3“You are so kind and they are beautiful thank you so much!”


“Love them! I’ve got at least 3 frameable ones, and with toddlers- that means you are GENUIS!”


“Becci took the best newborn photos of my twin boys! she was so gentle and patient!! 10/10❤️❤️❤️”


beccihethcoatphotography-family photographer-wheaton-23“Becci was relaxed and so easy to work with, very accommodating and captured wonderful images of our not-so-comfortable-in-front-of-the-camera family. 😊 We wanted to include our dog in a few shots and she was very patient working with him. We love the final photos and will work with Becci the next time we need family pictures!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-22 5“Becci is an amazing photographer! She is able to capture such precious moments! Both my maternity and newborn sessions were relaxed, not rushed, and the photos are absolutely beautiful! She’s the BEST!”


IMG_9016“I got the maternity photos….I love them!!  You did an amazing job.  Thank you again so much!!  You truly made me look beautiful.  Thank you!!”


beccihethcoatphotography-family photographer-wheaton-2“I HIGHLY recommend Becci Hethcoat Photography. Not only is she extremely easy to communicate with, flexible, and offers great suggestions, but she takes the most amazing pictures. So far I’ve only seen the teasers of our family photos, but they are the best that have ever been taken of us. She captured my sons’ personalities perfectly and was beyond patient with my 4 year old and his antics. Love love love love!!”


“We absolutely LOVE the photos and are your biggest fans! We had such a great experience and will certainly recommend you to anyone (and everyone) and use you again next time we do photos of Carolina. Thank you so much!!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-23.jpg“Becci is amazing. You go to a photo shoot with her and your kids are super uncooperative but then she magically takes all these awesome pictures. She is great with kids and always captures the sweetest moments. Definitely recommend Becci!”


“What CAN’T I say about Becci?! A few days before our wedding I was recommended to her by many people. She absolutely came to our rescue & was available to us at such short notice. My husband & I loved working with her, she was so sweet and patient even with the hot and mosquito filled evening she photographed us in. She had so many fun ideas and it was a blast to work with her. She had our pictures ready exactly when she said she would, and she not only is an amazing photographer, but a very warm and caring individual. She was excited for our ideas (photographed our decorated car) and even took a Polaroid of us last minute with my Fujifilm camera I had in the car. We loved looking through our gorgeous album and I cannot wait for her to photograph our growing family over the years. Thank you Becci!”


beccihethcoatphotography-family photographer-wheaton-53“Becci was so amazing to work with!! Very patient and always watching….some of the photos she took of the kids weren’t even posed. She worked with us and really pulled out our personalities. Awesome session!!!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton-15“Becci was wonderful. I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate my doggo in our photos. It was complete chaos! It was muddy. The dog was equal parts naughty and gross 😂. But Becci took it all in stride and insisted on getting that great photo. The previews I have seen so far are gorgeous and don’t show an ounce of the disarray! Thank you Becci!”


beccihethcoatphotography-family photographer-wheaton-18“Becci was wonderful to work with! She came to our home and took Family photos with my senior Mother who uses a walker. She was so accommodating with her limited mobility. She loves what she does and it shows!! Highly recommend Becci!!”


“Becci does amazing work! Her sessions are always relaxed, she’s so good at what she does and always manages to get perfect pictures! She’s a pleasure to work with and really loves what she does.”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-23“Thank you! So excited to spend some time looking at these! I’m so happy with how they turned out! Jakob is a crazy guy, thanks for capturing this time of his life. Thanks also for capturing some family shots!”


“Thank you for taking these beautiful pictures!  They will be perfect for our first Christmas card.”


“Becci did my baby’s newborn photos at 5 days old. From the start, Becci was outstanding! Baby came a week early, and Becci accommodated moving the date and quickly responded to emails. Once we arrived to her in home studio, it was clear Becci is a professional! She was extremely patient in getting baby calm and into poses-truly a baby whisperer. She had a huge variety of props, swaddles, and accessories. We got the sneak peek, loved them all, and then received even more photos online than I anticipated. I had seemingly unrealistic expectations, but this photography company exceeded those expectations. We will definitely be back for more photos in the future!! Highly recommend!!”


IMG_9308“Thank you so much for these pictures! They are absolutely wonderful!!! You captured some amazing pics from both sessions!”


“Becci was awesome! We loved our session. She took so much care with our little one and we are so pleased with the beautiful pictures she was able to capture of our family! Highly recommend her!


“I love these!!! Thank you so much for capturing so many great shots!!!”


“Becci does such a great job, and she loves what she does! Her passion is evident in the quality of her photos. She is such a good person and so accommodating!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Maternity Photographer-Wheaton-2.1‘Thank you Becci! They are stunning!!! Totally worth the freezing weather.’


“Becci was great to work with! We had newborn pictures taken with her in February. From the beginning she was very responsive and flexible in scheduling. On the day of the shoot she was very welcoming to her studio and has obviously worked with many newborns before. She made time for lots of feeding and cuddle sessions with our baby to keep her happy and calm; additionally she was great with our baby as well!

I was so impressed with her selection of props- blankets, swaddles, baskets, headbands, backdrops and so much more! Anything you could want for your photographs Becci probably has in her studio! We had some seasonal pictures (Valentine’s Day, Easter, spring) and some additional portraits with my husband and I. We got our pictures within 2 weeks and could not have been happier with our experience working with Becci- highly recommend!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Newborn Photographer-Wheaton-42“Becci was fabulous to work with and so patient with my inpatient two year old. She captured the best moments with our family and our wonderful new bundle of joy!”


“Oh gosh they are beautiful! Thank you so much for capturing our sweet girl.”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-15“Thank you again so much for taking all of these pictures!  They turned out so beautiful!”


“Thank you, Becci!! These are amazing 😍”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Family Photographer-Wheaton-60“Becci is the best! She’s amazing to work with and makes all your ideas come to life!! Thanks so much!!!”


“Becci you do such beautiful work! Thank you so much for capturing our family in this moment in time. The years are sure flying by and I am so grateful to have these amazing pictures to remember the summer of 2018 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Thanks so much!!  These are beautiful
It was a pleasure working with you.”


“These are incredible – you are incredible! Thank you so much for capturing these – I will cherish them forever! I will definitely see you for future sessions!  Again, these photos are amazing!


“If you’re looking for a fun photographer who is up for cute and new ideas it is Becci! She took us to very fun places and even liked the places we suggested to go for our photoshoot. The smiles in our photos are genuine because she made us laugh the whole time we were doing the shoot.

Have a good laugh and end up with awesome pictures!”


“Just got done with our first session with Becci. Not only was she amazing at getting me in fast and fitting me into her schedule but she chose an awesome spot and was amazing with my 2 year old! This was the first of many sessions we will be having with Becci!”


“Becci is wonderful to work with & my girls just love her! She is easy to schedule with and her rates are very competitive. You can’t go wrong!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Engagement Photographer-Wheaton-13“Becci is absolutely amazing! She made sure our engagement photos were exactly what we wanted and let us also improvise and throw in some ideas of our own. I have only seen the sneak peek and can’t wait to see the rest! We will definitely use her in the future for ALL of our photo shoots.”


“Becci! These are stunning. Brought tears to my eyes. I cannot thank you enough for capturing these first moments at home as a family of 4”


“Becci was awesome to work with!! She has so many cute props for tiny babies and is so good at wrapping them up into the precious little sleepy poses. She was also great at getting my toddler to smile and capturing her personality! Thanks so much!”


“AHHHH! I love these! I mean, I know the boys are cute – but MAN do your photos make them cute 🙂 I love all their expressions you captured. Once again, you nailed it! Thank you SO much!!!!”

“I absolutely love Becci! I am a wedding and event planner and in ten years she’s one of my favorites! She pays attention to details and has an amazing talent! She has done many of my clients, my staff and my family photos and wouldn’t go anywhere else!”


“Becci and her amazing assistant photographed my daughter’s wedding. The pictures are breathtaking. Becci is fun to be around! Structured & focused, smart and so down to earth. What she sets up for the camera is brilliant! Don’t hesitate set up a shoot NOW!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Truck Photographer-Wheaton“Thank you so much for spending time with our small family and taking the most gorgeous, special, and amazing pictures!  You are so very talented but most importantly kind.  Your work shows all the love you have for your clients and your passion for making others happy!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we can’t wait to work with you soon!


“We did our sons 1 year milestone pics and cake smash with Becci. All I can say is that it was perfect and I am over the moon excited about how the pictures turned out. I would recommend her to everyone!”


“Thank you so much for coming to and working so hard at our wedding!  It will be a day that we look back on fondly.  Thank you for capturing such sweet moments of us and our families.  God Bless you!”


Bob HOlm 2“Thank you so much for all of the time and energy that you put into the Hands of Love Project.  The photos are truly amazing and we are so grateful.”


“Becci is AMAZING! She took the time with my twins who were not necessarily feeling being in pics that day! She got some beautiful pics. So great with kids! Comfy environment. Reasonable with HIGH HIGH quality!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Couples Photographer-Wheaton-25“Biggest thanks to YOU. You’re an amazing photographer. Becci you captured our love perfectly. I can’t wait to work with you again( in the near future)!”


“AMAZING! Becci is warm, funny and has a real talent for taking pictures, she is a perfectionist and still understands small time frames and personalities with little kids. Her attention to detail, and gift for photography shows through with her photographs, and we love how she captures our son and his personality, as well as shots that are comfortable and natural for our family!

Totally recommend, and she is local- which is always great to support!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Photographer-Wheaton-5“Highly Recommend. We just had our mini-Christmas session with her. It was a very cold day and our children were not into it at all. I figured after the session, given how tough it was, that I’d need to figure out something else for our Christmas cards. (she was so patient with us though!)… I received our proofs just 4 days after the shoot (so quick!) and there was not just 1 that she took but multiple that I just adore. We are so thrilled! Even after a tough session she was able to capture our family for this holiday season…I can only imagine what she can capture when everyone cooperates. Thank you Becci!!”


“Becci did an awesome job at our wedding. She captured those fleeting moments that make a memory. She photographed personalities. Her use of light and filters and angles resulted in enhanced beauty. Becci was wonderful to work with. She is professional, very organized, and utilized every moment and opportunity. Very friendly yet unobtrusive. She knew what I wanted, and delivered 10 times more.”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Senior Photographer-Wheaton-2“Highly Recommend!!!! Becci did my daughter’s senior pictures (first time having Becci do our pictures) and i was nervous using a photographer that was new to our family. My daughter felt SO comfortable with Becci and said how nice and sweet she was to her. My daughter had a blast from the pictures being taken, to the conversations had with Becci. My daughter took lots of props and Becci was great putting them to use! After seeing the final pictures I can truly say I was amazed and will definitely be using her again for family pictures. Everyone I can ~ I will be recommending her! Great talented work. Thanks so much Becci for capturing such an important milestone for my daughter!!”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Truck Photographer-Wheaton-10“I highly recommend Becci! She was so kind to do a session with my boys during the busy last days before Christmas, and was wonderful and so good with the kids! A talented photographer! My 8 yr old, who for the last few years, does not like his picture being taken, said this was his favorite part of today. We did some other fun stuff afterwards, but his favorite was the time with Becci : ) Looking forward to future sessions with her.”


BecciHethcoatPhotography-Christmas Mini Truck Photographer-Wheaton-2“I would like to say that Becci did a wonderful job and I am so happy with the photos. I did the Red Truck Mini session and Becci went above what I expected. Not only did she take the photos with the Christmas decorations but also took the time to take some without them. I could stop there but there was a bigger surprise when I got the email and all the pictures that were in there. I was not expecting that many which was a nice surprise. Overall I am very pleased with the whole experience. When I figure out the next shoot I want done I will be contacting Becci.”


“Let me start out by saying that Becci has been my go-to photographer. She has done my maternity shoot, my hospital session, my infant-baby shoot, a lifestyle session in my home, and just recently my wedding shoot. I will be the first to admit that I turn into a complete ball of awkward when the camera is on me. But somehow, Becci has been able to put me at ease each time. During my wedding planning, I would browse wedding photos on pinterest, looking for ideas of what my photos might look like- Becci surpassed all of my ideas of what my photos would look like. She is extremely creative and has an ability to put her clients at ease when shooting. She was able to get beautiful shots of my children (including our youngest who is just 9 months old). Becci is patient, reliable, and reasonable. She is incredible with kids and babies which is hard to find in a photographer. My husband and I are ecstatic with our wedding photos and look forward to the future with Becci as our family photographer!”


“I wish I could give Becci more stars. She is very patient with children and it really shows in her work. I can’t thank her enough for getting our toddler to feel comfortable enough to finally smile in photos. She is absolutely amazing!”

….CR….”I highly recommend Becci! She did our maternity, our sons newborn and 7 month old photo shoot. She has a creative soul that one can only be born with that comes out in the amazing pictures she takes. Becci is also very patient and great with kids. She can get them to relax and come out very photogenic. My wife and I always appreciate that she never rushes us out of the session and takes her time trying to get the best shots. We are extremely happy that we have found our family photographer! If you are looking for a photographer that you want to stick with for years to come, look no further!”


“Becci did my twins’ newborn photos and a family lifestyle shoot and worked so sweetly with my boys! My 2-yo loved her and she captured some great “real life” pictures of him. Working with baby twins isn’t easy but Becci was so patient and easy-going and got great family moments that I treasure.”


“Becci is so personable and will go above and beyond to get the perfect shot. We couldn’t be more excited to see all of our little mans pictures since the sneak peak was just so perfect. She was great with him as well! If you want a great photographer with patience and who is willing to work with you and your vision then go with her.”


Thank you so much for such wonderful photos. I love them! You captured B and A’s personalities perfectly. Thanks for being a trooper in the gloomy, humid and buggy weather. The kids were giving me a hard time before the photo shoot, but I think that they enjoyed it. I would love to do a full family photo shoot with you sometime. There are so many good photos, I am not sure which ones to hang up.”

“She did such a wonderful job! She’s very artistic and thinks outside of the box for newborn photos that are fun and adorable. She does so well with the babies and you can really tell she loves to do this.”
“I met Becci through my fiancé (which is her husbands cousin.) When he finally popped the question I immediately messaged Becci to set up a session. The day of our photoshoot Becci made us feel really comfortable and her ideas were phenomenal. We cannot wait to get behind the camera with Becci again in the fall.”

“Becci did a great job photographing my squirmy 1 year old. She was very patient and did a great job engaging with him. We will be back for more photos with her!”


“Becci did an amazing job photographing my newborn baby girl! The poses she was able to get while my baby girl was sleeping were beautiful! She took her time and was very relaxed during the whole process, even when my baby was not cooperating or not fully asleep. These are pictures I will forever cherish and look back on when my baby girl is no longer a baby. I definitely recommend her and will use her again when my baby girl is older and we will need new pictures of her and my whole family.”


“Becci did a phenomenal job with my twins First Communion photos. I can’t thank her enough. She was easy to work with, my kids warmed up to her right away and had a super fun session. She captured the very essence of who my kids are in beautiful pictures. You know it was a good job when your eyes well up when you see the photos! Becci was prepared with loads of ideas. My twins have already asked if we can take pictures again with her. I would recommend Becci to any of my friends and family. She was fantastic! Thank you again Becci.”


IMG_3629“Your work is amazing and the precious moments you have captured of our little Diva are absolutely beautiful!!  We would like to thank you for photographing Carli and being so gentle and patient with her. You make having a photoshoot beyond fun and exciting!! Your props are too cute as well as all of your ideas for capturing each moment. Thank you so much for going out of your way to get Carli a real bunny for her Easter pictures, per my last minute request. That tells a lot about what kind of person and photographer you are. Your work is a reflection of that and it shows how much each client means to you. If ANYONE is LOOKING for the BEST photographer around, WE HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND Becci Hethcoat Photography!!! PLEASE CONTACT HER!”


“Just so sweet and very professional…Very hard for anyone to get my son to crack a smile for but she got a few 🙂  My girls warmed up to her right away.  You can tell she has a passion for taking pictures. Thank you again Becci… will be back for more service!


“I am not from around this area, so when we had our first baby I had NO CLUE where to turn for Newborn Pictures or pictures in general. So when I found Becci I was thrilled with her pricing at first. But then once we booked and I got to her studio she was amazing with Mia..so patient for this new mama!! (even tho Mia did not want to go to sleep and just pooped all over the place)! Ugh…thank you So much Becci i LOVE LOVE her pictures and we will definitely be back in a few months!!!!”


“We took photos a year ago with another women and I thought those photos looked like photos anyone could have taken. So when I went looking this year for someone I gathered a lot of reviews from people and “shopped” around many photographers. I went with Becci because her pictures had an artistic vibe to them and she seemed very comfortable with working with big dogs- we had a mastiff. She did not rush and was very patient working with our big pup. Will use again.”


“We were thrilled with our experience with Becci! She takes amazing photos, truly an artist! She made it so fun too! We will definitely be recommending her to everyone, and can’t wait for the next event we can have her photograph!”


“Can’t recommend Becci enough! She captured everything and more during our in-home photo session! She took her time which made us extremely comfortable and was flexible with our 6 month olds when they needed to eat or were getting a little fussy. The photos turned out absolutely amazing and we haven’t stopped receiving compliments! I would recommend Becci to anyone searching for a photographer. We will definitely be using her again in the future.”


“Becci photographed my daughters wedding at Kane County Courthouse and then our celebration dinner and was a pleasure to work with from first contact to goodbye…her photo ideas were simply outstanding and when the weather didn’t cooperate at all, she had more ideas!  We simply cannot thank her enough for the special attention she gave us, highly recommended her! We will be using her again when we need any photography.”


“I had Becci Hethcoat Photography do my baby bump pictures and I am highly satisfied with her work! The pictures turned out beautiful and way better than I could have ever imagined. At first I wasn’t sure if bump pictures were something I was comfortable with but now I am so happy that I actually went through with it. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable and actually made the shoot a fun experience for us. Becci took her time taking photos and we didn’t feel pressured or rushed by her. After the shoot she edited and enhanced multiple photos and even made a collage. She also made a slideshow with our pictures. I highly recommend Becci to anyone that is thinking about getting photos! I will be having my baby very soon and I don’t trust anyone else to do my newborn pictures but Becci which I am very excited for!”


“Becci was everything you’d hope for in a photographer. Everyone was relaxed and had fun and I love how she captured the spontaneous moments. She truly brought out our natural personalities and captured them on film. We were beyond pleased with both the senior portraits and our family session and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have beautiful photographic memories made.”


“If you are ever looking to have professional photos taken – whether personally, as a family, or whatever the case may be, I very highly suggest contacting Becci. She is very fun to work with, creative, and had the patience of a saint with our children :-).
I would easily give more stars if I could!”


“I loved having Becci take our pictures. She made us laugh and relax as she worked with us. She really cared about capturing who we are as a family. You can see how much she loves her job. Becci is such an amazing artist. We can’t wait for our next session with her!!!!”


IMG_7109“Becci is truly a talented photographer with the unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable! Not only is she super creative and fun, she was SO accommodating! Also, we received our pictures very quickly! Highly recommend!”


“Becci is totally amazing! Shes very flexible and creative! Photos came out amazing. Turn around time was great -didn’t have to wait long at all. Quality is out of this world. I would use her hands down again!”


IMG_8099“Becci was an absolutely amazing photographer for our engagement pictures! I don’t think you can find another photographer that truly takes the time she does to make you feel comfortable and capture the moments you want. If you are thinking about booking her, think no more! She is wonderful, I highly recommend her to anyone!”


“Becci is absolutely amazing to work with! She is very pleasant and creates such a relaxing atmosphere with our rambunctious toddler. I’m so happy to have found a photographer whom we will continue to use to capture all of our precious moments. I highly recommend!”


“Becci has done my maternity shoot, my newborn pictures, and lifestyle photos of my family and every time I’ve been blown away. She takes her time and makes everyone feel very comfortable. There isn’t any pressure. She really does an incredible job. She will be doing my wedding pictures in a few months and I cannot wait! Book with Becci now! You will be beyond happy that you did.”


IMG_4355“We had the best family photos we’ve ever taken thanks to Becci’s fun style of photography! Even better is how affordable her session was! Thank you Becci -we are looking forward to you capturing our silly kids again!”


“We loved our experience with Becci Hethcoat Photography! She’s warm and friendly, great with kids, and the pictures we received were absolutely beautiful!  She has great ideas for memorable poses and makes excellent use of the colors and beauty of the surroundings! I will definitely be scheduling another photo session with her in the near future!”


“Absolutely the best photographer in the world. Both of my boys love her and she’s great with them.”


“In March I found out I was expecting my second child. When I had my first daughter I was very young and didn’t have access to some of the things I do now. I remember looking back on my pregnancy with her and wishing I had somehow been able to capture those moments. Not just for me, but for her as well. My friend suggested that I contact Becci for maternity photos and I still can’t thank her enough!  The day I met up with Becci I was a little bashful about posing for someone else but she made me feel super comfortable and confident. Not only was she extremely laid back and easy to talk to, she also had fun and creative ideas that made things feel natural. I absolutely adore my maternity photos! Becci was able to capture my pregnancy better than I could have ever imagined and I cannot wait to do more photos with her in the future.”


“We had a great shoot thanks to Becci. She accommodated our group in many ways, most importantly finding a place that was easily accessible. We loved all of the pictures as well!”


“When Becci took pictures of my kids (who let’s face it, are pretty darn cute and easy to photograph) the world became a little bit prettier just because of her style and grace. We have been apart of a lot different photography projects in our lives, myself and husband included, and there is just something natural about what she has captured in us. I like to believe that in a world not so loving lately, photography can bring out the truth, and that is because we have people like Becci who see the good, naturally beautiful and makes you feel comfortable to show yourself open and free with a big heart and wild spirit. Being as though Becci is a canvas artist (some seriously wonderful paintings) one would think that photography would just be another easy option for her. But it’s more, it’s a passion, a passion that shows through every flash, snap, and edit. I do believe that when she signs you up for a session that you are going to feel like friends at the end, because you aren’t just a number for her, you are apart of her studio, and when you know Becci, her studio is her heart and without your heart you can’t live…”


“I can’t tell you how surprised and touched I was on Mother’s Day.  Thank you for helping my boys to bring a dream of mine alive as a surprise for me.  When I saw your pictures of them, I was speechless!  They were so beautifully done, they caught their character and personality to a T.  I will treasure these and can’t wait for the next occasion we where we need pictures.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends!”


“Working with Becci on my photoshoot was such an amazing experience. She has a great imagination and a sixth sense when it comes to background and lighting. We went to several different places that were absolutely perfect and she gave me so many fun and cute poses to try out. She’s such a fun-loving person so she made sure we had fun during the photo shoot too!! The photos we ended up with are absolutely amazing! I loved them all.. Becci has an eye for detail and I felt that she really brought out my best qualities. She molded my photoshoot to fit ME. I am truly impressed with her ability to capture my true essence through her photography. I am absolutely ecstatic about the way my photos turned out, and I’ve received countless compliments on the photos…what a confidence boost! I would hands-down recommend Becci to anyone looking for a photographer! We had such a fun time during the shoot and I now have SOO many amazing photos to go along with that–photos that will last forever.


“So a little about my “rainbow family” as I would call us. We’re a mixed up family of 5 my husband and I love the crazy littles that we have. Our oldest is spunky as Becci would call her. Our middle is a peanut and our youngest is adventurous. We were ecstatic about getting photos taken of the kids.  Destination…. St. James Farm… one beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and kids were happy.  It was gorgeous there, with so many beautiful places. I told her take the ropes and let’s make these nuggets look good. I’m game for anything. While walking around and enjoying the scenery she would just take a picture here and there letting the kids be kids and capturing their true selves (which is what I love). On occasion we would have them sit and “kay keese” (in my son’s voice) but overall the kids were free to explore. She and I had a great conversation and also a great work out 😀 I honestly didn’t think my kids could look so normal. Haha she was so patient, kind, and caring. If the kiddos didn’t want to do something she would say “ok let’s try somewhere else then”. The pictures turned out FANTASTIC. My husband looked at the pictures and said “are you sure those are our kids”?  I died laughing. My family as well as my in-laws were super impressed. I can’t thank Becci enough for all she has done for my family. I truly appreciate it a lot. I would recommend her to anyone and she will forever be my #1 photographer. Love you Bec…thank you thank you thank you 😀   XO”


“Becci is definitely an artist first and a photographer second – her images are stunning works of art!  She is very creative and knows how to pose people to make the most of a setting, yet does not require you to be a contortionist to get ‘the shot’. On top of great photography, add super-flexible with her schedule and timely images and you have the perfect professional.  She has taken prom pictures as well as ‘senior’ pictures for my kids which turned out great.  It was genuinely hard to figure out which one was the best!  I wouldn’t take them anywhere else.”


“It was great working with you on our bundle of joys first newborn pictures! You were very gentle and energetic when taking her pictures they came out beautiful.  We will definitely be back for more! Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!”


“Becci, you did such an amazing job on our maternity photos! We love how they turned out and we will always look back on this wonderful time in our lives with the great pictures you captured. You made us feel comfortable the whole photo shoot and made it lots of fun! Thank you!!!


“Wow! I can’t thank you enough for these gorgeous pictures…I’m a bit speechless. So glad to have found you and look forward to the next shoot (I’ll find a reason.)”


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